Monday, March 31, 2008

the antidote for everything...

This entry is definatly a step out of the balance of my normal (or "abnormal" to some) entries. If your looking for some unique, fresh, or just confusing terminalogy, tune in next week. I don't need to go into details about the recent weekend, but I will just say that the intention I had towards the Richmond getaway went into a state of 'backfire". As soon as I took notice of my persona getting caught out of character, I really spent most of the time in a cycle of distance from the socially scattered sub culture echoing in the concrete alleys of Richmond. The drive back to New York was even longer than the fest due to not being able to figure out what the problem was. And no offense to anyone, but sometimes I feel that even the most supportive person in your life will sometimes criticize you for feeling down, it's just human nature. Now when i feel that notion in the air, I just remain silent and keep to myself instead of opening up my guts to anyone. I always felt the following lines from one of my all time fav band's really come to my assistance when I'am in the process of smashing out the cons in my recent troubles. It speaks for itself, and I think it suits my entry fine for right now...

"Play the fastest record you can find, louder than your stereo will allow,
Hotwire your speakers, do whatever you have to, smash the mirrors in your house,
Go home and lock your bedroom door, don't open it for anything at all,
Live every word, scream every song, these four chords could save your life...."

Monday, March 24, 2008

what is my, percussion, fascination???

Ok, I'll side with the real! Nothing truly entertaining or eventful occured this weekend, but I always like to keep my friends in check with whats "running in my red " ( daily routine, grind, etc). However, being productive remained in my balance as always. I kept this set of " grids "(weekend) at a "flush" (ease) due to realizing that this will most likely be the last weekend I have for any sort of downtime until Fall of 2008. I can't even make this up, for the next sack of months , my schedule is looking more over the place than one of those chump ass wrapping paper print hoodies that brokeass skateboarders fancy now.

I spent the majority of this week practically tunneled downward via basement at the wrath of my drumkit. Now to most of you kids, this is a common trait of mine, but straight up, when it's time to record an LP, you absolutly never half ass that moment of kicking it in the studio space, and you never take it for granted. I look at this oppurtunity for all of my brain power, and musical technique that I have to offer to get documented, and make nice to it's utmost abilities. And I hate to break it to you, but regardless of this being a "hardcore" project, I still look at these songs as a piece of art. I know that's a major bummer to alot of people, but how are we gonna keep everything fresh and exciting if we rehash the same Floorpunch riff for the 169th time?

For example, I never "wasp out" (gloat, brag, rub in ) where I get my ideas, but here is a sample. While in Europe, Verse would always have just all this sparetime to loaf around the venue pre-gig. I believe it was Munich Germany (excuse me if it was'nt), but I was lounged on a couch residing towards a very "pissy pitched" (loud) kitchen. As I was taggin up a new pattern in my notebook, I paused and took notice of this coffee machine that was the stand out speciman of all the snotty appliances. I stopped my train of thought, and just really listened to what was stirring out of my javmatic homey. And I don't know if it was the overdose of FUGAZI and MIND OVER MATTER in my playlist on that trip that got me amped , but after a few measures of earing up the beauty of the "mug mug mug "(coffee, descendents!) machine, I noticed that I had 2 measures of music brought to life.

I immediatly went down stairs underneath the venue and assembled a "couch kit" in the waiting room (pun intended I suppose). "What in Jah's name is this?" I whispered to myself as I mechaniced the measures I just created. I was just " 4 walls floored" ( impressed) with my achievement. I guess what I'am trying to get out of that snip of a story is that I think it's important that as an artist, it is just really necessary to think outside of 4 strings, or just paradiddles, or the low end. Sometimes you really need to just soak up whats around you at any given moment. Wheter the moment is in the ease of silence, or wheter it is just "rail slid" (sprad, bombarded) with nuisance, just let it in your practice palate, and see what you can come up with! I think this calls for all creative kids regardless of what your striving quality is on stage.

I dunno if it's the "snapcase 95er " in me , but, when I framework some material, I try to create something that might actually kick a "burning fight" ( an idea) into someones head. I want to really paint some inspiration into a kid who's practicing in his room til the neighbors get sour and cook the bacon at their stoop. This way, if you Jav others into really taking their given instrument seriously, we can have more creative pieces come out, and just continue to have this whole movement grow with very open minds and open ideas. Another trait I carry is that I flow every measure I have with any band to the deep end of my heart. I feel what I put forth into everything really mirrors out what kind of person I'am. And since I'am nothing but creative, honest, powerful, diverse, motivated, easy going, fun, serious and altogether, that is why I really take all those qualities, and "kemp" (slam) all of that into my single percussionary unit! So with all that, I cannot help but act like I'am awaiting edgemas day once recording day arrives in a week or so! I promise to give some legit updates, and get my entertain on for you all!

the "searching" playlist to perk my percussion palate:

For being tastetul, having order,groove and just euphoric song writing:

Tegan And Sara - The Con
Silent Majority- Life Of A Spectator
Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese dream
The Roots- Game Theory
The Smiths- s/t
Radiohead- Ok Computer
Sunny Day Real Estate- Diary

For power, aggression, and consistancy-
Quicksand- Manic Compression
Helmet- In The Meantime
Nirvana - In Utero
Nas - Illmatic
Refused- Shape Of Punk To Come
Mind Over Matter- Automanipulation
Sepultura - Chaos A.D.

dance sources (you'll see where this comes in, it's good, I promise)-
Joy Division- Substance
AFI- decemberunderground (Adam Carson shreds on this)
The Cure - Disintegration

Current reading choices:

"The Power Of A Positive No" by William Ury
"Restful Sleep" - Deepak Chopra M.D.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


No matter how my routine is kicking in the current grind of the month, monday continues to get me "feeling like that obnoxiously orange feline that gets his glutton on over a pasta dish i fail to make deliciously vegan (garfield hated mondays, so i can relate, although hes not cruelty free)." although iam no so thrilled the a.m. has commensed on my cellular companion, i am however complete that i executed a proper dose of kennel reports for the N.S.V.P ( North Shore Veternarian Practice). For those kids "stuck in the used section" (not in the recent know), whenever iam not participating in "nomadic compulsed percussion duties by van" (touring) , i do my utmost to cater my generosity towards any k9 and feline pals that yearn for the extra nurturing , health, and attention they require while their owners are on holiday, workaway, or project deadbeat! And with that award touring responsability, i am equipped to perform a weekly journal or 2 of their actions for the week they spend with me. In other words, i make sure they dont get all 'huggies" ( the mammal equivalent of peeing the pool) in their cages, make sure they are "b12in" ( proper health), and that they are "sporting the freshest shells their coats can shed out" (cleanse animals, are happy animals).

So today stirs up that it has been a year since i kickfliped into their establishment, which means iam pinned up for evaluation. In this gig, one of the main "mic checks" (categories) they shred out is were they basically compare my first 2 kennel reports with the most recent ones. If all my skill "fills up their fancy" ( goes to their approval ) , i get promoted to a higher position that arms myself with more oppurtunites to help more animals and communicate with more admirable heads that actually "110" (sincerly, and fully) what they stand for in the vet profession. And not only will i be able to still continue to spark the road with more of my "javmatic" (motivated) presence, but on the downtime, this oppurtunity of promotion can extend my assistance to a much more meaningful status. And i dont know about you, but i think that personally fresh. So i will keep you "capped "(updated) on the outcome.

Afterwards, i worked on some important notes for the upcoming i rise recording iam awaiting to take part towards in 2 weeks. Studio time is quite the euphoric moment for my musical slate. Not only do i get to "scratch the surface" (make move) thru the honor of music, but i am given the chance to expand what i already know. Every time i lay down something "kicking" (cool, fresh) on the reels , i always depart that sacred time with something i was unaware of in the past. Iam personally not one for webbing towards a cycle of "repeater" (deja vu ). I take every moment i have with my kit and truly limber out new ideas. You gotta rub your personality towards your musical talent. I wouldnt want to track anything i have done before, kinda like how i wouldnt want my friends to constantly hear the story about how i liberated a lobster over and over again! I mean its a good story, but lets bare some other respectable qualities. But, its honestly rewarding to indulge what is spit from the speakers after that final rest of the headphones down on your trusty snare drum. Im looking foward to the outcome of this work, and hope many can find something informative out of it from all ends of the piece. Dig?

Then after "carrying the banner " (catching up ) with my friends to share the aftertaste of my workhorse weekend, i decided to call it an early night so i could slap myself to the library in the morning in search of some new knowledge for the week. Im also good for it, im sometimes perplexed that i push myself the way i do. So on a quest for an evening chai, i was approached by 2 teenage females outside Cafe Esperanto. Apparently the were looking for an assistant in purchasing them cigarettes at 10:30pm in order to be able to study for an exam. This was a new change of forecast towards my average coffee house visits.

At first, i needed them to reprint what was " spit from their phonics" ( a request). They then rewinded that they needed cigarettes to keep them awake in order to study for an exam, but that they were not of legit age to purchase them manually. Needless to say, i was just slammed with "a sack of say what" (confuzement). I dunno what it was , but for some reason, i was telling my soy chai to go read a magazine while i dealt with this. Instead of just briefly fleeting from the ridiculous request, i was curious to why the need for the nuisance was so high. They promptly explained that they saw their parents would always pay their bills rapidly while choking on a pack of parliments, and since that first glimpse of their mentors, they use it as a drive to accomplish things faster and more mature.

Now, insted of giving the 2 sheep the in box speach of why not to smoke and such, i took a different approach towards the matter. I felt that if i "left the curb unsaid"(avoided the dilemma), i wouldve been no better than the actual beast that will follow thru and purchase their fix. I explained that basically everything you see from so called role models , peers, or tradition, is not always what its caught up to be, and that at alot of times you have to rely on yourself in order to "grind your way to the grail" (accomplish the difficult). I broke the news that their elders didnt look to the smokes as a kickstart, but that they have something bothering them, and that they are lost in ideas to refurnish that "tattered catpost" (problem) . I was by no means telling them what to do, but i was just breaking it down how it is.

After a few more suggestions of explaining what independent thought can achieve for them, i proceeded to point out that i was somewhat insulted that i was offered to assist them in such a request. Not only because it would support something iam deeply against, but only because i felt like the eye'd me up as a personality that would go about executing something so careless and shameful. I like to think that i present myself as a very classy speciman, so i kinda got tripped up by that,i mean thats not being elitist, it is what it isl But in the end, i felt sorry for them. They felt very lost and just "pasted up" (thick headed) with the desperate need to "fit in" . After they apologized to me, i just told them to "get tight with the final draft before they pen the final sonnet" (you better stop and think). I finally kicked in the door, chai'd one on, and headed back to the gravel pit.

I guess what im trying to level out from all this is that your better off saying something instead of swiping it off with a lint brush. Even though your banter can come off stuck up, it may be for the better, and it could possibly put a proper twist on somethings. I never got the names of the 2 girls, but i hope maybe something useful came out of what i cleared up for them. I cant afford to let my opinions sit in the waiting room, especially when they are far to useful for the environment. My philosphy may be mistaken as in your face at times, overly to the point, or package sealed with extra suggestion, but if everyone draped out a "duct tape lip scarf" (shut opinion) on the runway, train of thought would be dry as the sand in death valley. And i like my train of thought to be soaked, pleasant, and entertaining as a seal tanning in the bay of the twin peaks in San Francisco. Thats whats up. It's time to go read. Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Past Tense, Future Perfect

So I applied for this "Internet Phenomina" some months ago, but was very fickle in deciding if I wanted to rip my guts out towards the open for your viewing and cranial pleasure. But after a few cups of coffee, and a few rotations of A Tribe Called Quest's "Midnight Marauders" at the vet practice this morning , it clicked into my head that your all good for it, and that i'am equipped with a legit mind and drive, so why keep it at a hush?

So, the tail end of 2007 really made a very cold, and just unenthused mark on my character. Some may have noticed this change, some may have just continued to remain stuck into their own ass. Nothing felt the same as it did in the past for various reasons, and it was becoming very hard for me to really kickstart the day which usually commensed in "a spark of espresso" (meaning, i used to always looking foward to the day). My musical studies and motivation were feeling like a job, and thats the last thing i would ever want to happen in my life. I usually read at least a 2 books a week, but for months i was'nt even able to finish a chapter a night due to all the nonsense going thru my head. I was becoming more sleep deprived than a night owl hooked on caffiene pills. Something was obviously ammuck, and I was lost in getting my mend on!

It's still daybreak in 2008, yet somehow I have already taken many notes from the carved moments and have just " taken that expired soymilk and scammed it back to the merchant for the freshest pint of Silk Latte" (thats keithism for turning a - into a +). So many beautiful oppurtunites have opened up for me since that 120 degree night in Rosswein, Germany. My friends in Verse gave my heart a nourishing expierience over the pond! I fufilled a very respectable, solid, and energetic drum duty position for them in Germany, the U.K, Belgium, France, Italy, and Switzerland. And although every single show was a sack of 110% in the ante uppin department , it was so much more than that. I was able to expierience how individuals lived over the pond, what made them quirk, how they portrayed their mannerisms, how they all drove Volkswagens, and how their toilets cleaned themselves (or where just a hole in the ground). I also had my gig mindset "flipped to a five "(a change for the better).

Almost every night, I would be approached by a different kid who would just sit back and pour out their appreciation and passion for not just hardcore and punk, but just life in general. It's still mind blowing that kids would drive hours, maybe even a day, or even kick it "air jordan" (not the kicks, but just a petname for flying) just to be a part of what is going on in a subculture that really cares about what is goin on in the universe. And while I was mingling with all these Euro kids, I realized that there is no time to take anything for granted at all, and that I need to just recognize the current happenings, and not really lean on what the future holds all too much. I was also a but straight up embarassed, cause on that loooonnnnggg flight home, I reflected on what was "knawing at my hems" (bothering me) and I proved myself guilty of just taking alot for granted. But straight up, thats the past tense, lets move on and get fresh.

Upon my return, I still had some " itches in what could be a pressed slate "(problems in what could be a new beginning). I really took the downtime to figure everything out and kept my mechanical palate to a laxed hault. I still had alot of questions to be awnsered. Late January and alot of February seemed uneventful. I was playing out alot, but it still did'nt seem the same to me. It definatly was not an apathy issue by any means, I just didnt know if people where really achknowledging me as a productive member of the environment. Like to be real, I was just questioning my position.

For years, I have just always sacraficed a whole lot to really embrace and make move with the time I have on this asphault and green. I'am definatly not looking for a cookie for going about things that way, but it is what it is. Some people get my style, some people just shake their head and look more blank than a 50/50 solid at American Apperal. But a great way going about taking the time we have is with spreading new ideas, teaching, learning, laughing, caring, and just having the pleasure of meeting new individuals that we can share those luxuries with. Thats what always turned me towards the music I'am involved with, and getting in that van constantly. Music is kind of scary, you can really use it for the best, or use it for the worst. But anyways, I guess what I'am trying to get across is that I felt that I was not being taking seriously by others due to playing in a scattered amount of different bands. But I had another wake up call , so to speak.

I have always been fascinated with California. It's really intresting that even on your own soil thousands of miles across from your coast, things are kind of different. Verse offered me another fill in oppurtunity for a West Coast weekend with Soul Control. I took the assignment quite promptly. I went towards this venture as just a stint to play some fresh shows, eating a burrito or two, diving off some sort of furnishing for Allegiance, and maybe catch some rays (I think my pastey colored slate can vouche for that). I think I totally underestimated what I was in for. All the shows where beyond amazing. Che, Chain and Gilman were all in a state of "A-WALL"! I must've gave 220% each night. There was some "Kool Aid Manning" ( ok, this one is coined towards all the kids who fall into my drumkit. You are the kool aid man, and all my equipment falling down are the bricks. oh yeahh???) into the direction of my performance grounds, but I was letting it slide to to the fact that it was out of pure heart, and not pure stage potatoing.

But I think the thing that really took me suprise was just that fact that there are still genuine people out there that "stick to their krylons" (could be used for morals, intentions, etc). I definatly met quite a few people that really get what not only hardcore and punk is about, but just understand the position of being a legit human being. C-Tech and Chad made sure we werent the house band at the San Diego Airport and lugged our gear around hitchike style. They also lead me to the best burrito Diego can offer. I was also introduced to a very genuine individual named Sarah who went beyond the call of duty in generosity and made sure that we were safe, hungerly content, influenced towards soy chai, and just in the presence of good company and logical conversation. Sarah's intentions and friendship defintaly duffed a dent into my questioning because it just shows how brave and strong people are to show that it doesnt strain to go beyond your limits , be kind , and just thoughtful to others around you. And I admire that Sarah basically tells the "sloth end of the snake" (aka the haters) to get bent!

So where does all this kick in? Well it sets off that what I'am doing is important! So what if i'am playing with all these different bands. If anything, i'am making new moments more often and getting across what i want to. I'am going to record a fresh lp with a fresh act. I'am back to reading 2 books a week, hell I'am even digging into a fresh 3rd read about the history of the subway systems right now! I' am making sure that 9lives and k9s are eating their weaties and looking spruced for the catwalk! What matters is that i'am productive with my creativity and am not letting it stale to a "snail in a sock! " ( in other words, im not lazy!) The whole time I was just so confuzed by a status that was just a mirage due to relentless jokes that were meant to be harmless, but ended up being taking personal. Well, check it! At least I can say that I learn from my false assumptions and mistakes. I think it takes a very courageous person to admit that they are not perfect and that they trip up here and there. So thats whats up. Summer time is coming up, and I will gaurntee that I will be out on the road for the "entire stint in the sun' (summer) . With who? Well, we'll have to see. But feel this, nothing but chill times will be had, nothing but fresh jeans will be sweated out from intense staging, nothing but intellegence will be spread, and nothing but a helping hand will be in the balance!" Dig? See you all soon, and keep it fresh!

"I stand on new ground , where no body knows me, I'll begin again!" - Burn