Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Time Running...

It seems like I'am making my final entry for 2008 one step early, but that is just how it is, so your just going to have to smell the scent on that one! Trust me, I mean that in a civil tone, hope it did not come off as a better than you batch of nonsense! Well, i will not lie, I 'am more than ready to just give one enormous kiss off to 2008. Not that it was a terrible year by anymeans, but at gunpoint I would have to say that it did indeed drench me down emotionally.

I can honestly say that I learned about myself in various departments in a celebration feel, and also in a fix you up sort of work in progress project! It was an enormous year book for me in music. I finally feel I'am breaking out into my own as an artist, and see nothing but better things to come. I sat down and compared my abilities over the past 3 years, and just dropped my jaw the other night in excitement on what I have evolved into as a percussionary talent (please do not get the wrong idea, that was not a concieted gesture, i'am as modest and grounded as they come!). Jav only knows what I will be creating in the new year behind my kit. Hell, maybe my backup vocals will make a debut for something finally.

With music in 2008, I was also able to see alot. I was on tour for a very healthy portion of the calendar year. So to Wait In Vain, Energy, Verse, and I Rise I owe you so much appreciation and thanks! I made it over to Europe twice, and returned more than pleased with my expieriences. I kicked it very nice 3 times on the west coast. I got to spend 10 days supporting one of the key bands that kept me involved with a very beneficial subculture (thank you Bane!). I spent 3 and a half months in a van across the U.S. with the best support system any kid could have during a very trivial time. Timm, Roger, Chris, and Joe, your friendships saved my life this year. Cheers!

With those travels, I was just struck with luck on meeting some incredible new people. I don't want to come off choosy since there were alot, but I need to mention some very key individuals. Sarah Ellis really came through for 3 days in Cali proving that when it comes down to it, there are still people that get it. Sarah definatly embraces all the genuine qualities that matter in life, and she is very strong for not being afriad to show them. Sarah also did not write me off on first impression when I dropped my bizarre terminalogy, so that right there was, just, ya know "fresh". Justin De Martiene is probably one of the few people I can depend on at anytime in any dilemma. He may be one of the most socially welcoming kids out there. You can always expect him to keep up some consistant conversation, and thats not a bad thing. I tend to get dry on words sometimes because I get very swamped into my own flaws, but not Justin. So thanks to him for turning out to become one of my best friends. Viva La Justissey! Energy taught me that you don't have to go through hazings,tests, or on a cool kid pedastel in order to be down. These kids welcomed me into their social sect immediatly on the European tour this month. It's very rare when I see that happen upon a small favor. I didn't really expect to get to know them while filling in for them, but I was smacked with sweet reality for the best. It was the first time I expierienced "band walks". It's something you do post show. You are just aimlessly walk around the city talking about everything in the now while learning from each other. And to me that was a huge thing. I really got to know Tank, Dan, Joe, And Conor as people in those 20 days, and what genunine qualities they have to offer to the world socially and artistically. They will "Conquer The World"!

With the fresh comes the sour I suppose. I had to say alot of goodbyes. It was a devastating farewell to a special part of my life for the past 2 years. I just want to say a huge thank you to AMBITIONS for a great time. I really had immense faith in this band, and loved every member and supporter with all my blood and heart! It is unfortunate that it came to such an abrupt hault, but at least I can say that we created any amazing vinyl masterpiece, some amplified and sweaty shows, and a million laughs that put my rib section into stiches on numorous occassions. It will be very missed, as it still is right now.

Mentally, I hit many roadblocks. I honestly dealt with alot of cross crowded directionals on where I want to be. I know one thing, I cannot say I'am a very happy person. And some of you may think that it might be wacky that I'am discussing this, but if there is one thing I can vouche for, it's that if you lay the fault down, you are a better person for it( And yes, I got that from Warzone, so see, my appearance has no taint on my coreability) ! But anyways, I think I need to work on really finding out what can make me happy. And you can say "well doesn't music do that" ? That is a possibility, but to me, music is the thing that always vented me and really just put my emotions into display. Music is my main priority in life, but its more of an outlet for me. So take it or leave it. But as far as happiness goes, I could'nt even begin to start on what I'am looking for in that department. I guess it will all come to me at the right given time.

I also came to terms with alot of personality traits. I just want to be a part of beneficial living towards myself and others. I'm tired of getting generalizations made for how I looked a few back. It's sad on what people in the past missed out on from me only because they assumed what I was. It's simple for me now. No clicks, no fairweather personalities, no social climbing, no judging by appearance and no rules. These are many notions I have been dying to just spark out in the open for awhile, but always felt duct taped at the mouth in fear of being critisized from the real superstars that shake things up. But at 25, I think I finally found that spark. I will play melodic music for the rest of my life, I will dress the way I want, I want everyone to feel accepted in anything if they are not looking to hurt anybody, and so on. And although I'am already seeing signs of dismay from others towards my appearance and outlook, but this is how it is going to be. Love it or leave it.

I guess that about sums it up. I didn't realize I wrote so much, and if you did get frustrated on that part, then you just should've stopped at somepoint. I guess the ugly part of a new year is not knowing what is gonna happen. It can either be a grab bag that has tourdates with Tegan And Sara, or a grab bag accompanied by a carnivorous ferret that will maim your hand. So, either or, it will be intresting to see where I end up. Even if I get stuck with the ferret, I will still be on tour, recording and playing awesome music, changing myself for the better, and really attempting to fill that void of happiness. So stay tuned, your gonna have some fresh times documented very soon. Thanks again to everyone that really stood by my this year. I love you all, and never take you for granted, ever! Stay involved and keep it fresh kids!


Cruelty Free Keith

Thursday, December 18, 2008

at a glance...

I was in Europe for 20 days playing sweaty shows in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands. Big thanks to Slapshot for making everyone feel equal, and also to All For Nothing for being the kindest people on the road! I think its safe to say that it was more than an honor to help out on drum duties for Staughton Ma's "Energy"! Catchy melodies, early Epitaph tempos, and all accomponied by the sweetest people ever! Definatly love this band. I really felt welcome and at home on this tour. I want to leave more of a story for you, but I'm in an iffy mood right now since I was made a sour ultamatum upon my return home. It's amazing how the slightest things can change in your life in just a matter of 20 days. Sometimes I think I'am just better off on tour, and not even thinking about stopping back home. But , I don't wanna soil the parade, so I will leave you with a brief list off of the expeireince.

>< Alpro soy and vegan products are a jav send! Mix the caramel pudding with the double chocolate (just in moderation, no one digs a glutton)

>< Joe is quite possibly the most hysterical and talented person I have ever met. I hope he continues to grow his hair.

>< Tank is one of the best people ever. I was so enthused to be able to relate with someone so easy on many key levels. It was awesome staying awake til 6am at nights just talking about life, the need to revive good music, and what really matters most. One of my favorite Vegan Edgeman by far.

>< Dan should be a groundbreaking motivantional representative. Most positive and nicest person ever who will talk to you about anything. He also has the will to maintain his fresh guitar playing under the presence of bad oders on stage.

>< Conor will back up and drive any piece of transportation devices. I swear, he could break guiness records for trailer hauling and big rigging!

>< Soccer Hooligan hardcore kids love slapshot. Broken bottles apparently mean that they love you.
>< Balsac Coffee is an actual establishment in Berlin

>< Vegan Rittersports, waffers, and jumbo ass pretzels will make up for any clueless caterers that do not know what veganism is.

>< The Netherlands is fresh. Very classy girls at the right moment in those small village type cities.

>< You know your bus driver is mental when he drives into the side of a building, leaves a dent, and holds up Frankfurt traffic for 10 minutes.

>< Some Euro's don't want melody in their music

>< If your gonna be a tour manager, then you better manage!

>< Slapshot wrote a song about "chocmel" and it sounds like Minor Threats "Straight Edge".

>< Heavy Metal Disco parties are huge in Italy post hardcore show. Imagine shaking your booty to Sepultura, Earth Crisis, and Slayer.

>< I hate lofts. Not knowing what time it is really freaks me out. I hate waking up at 4pm ( even though thats still early in U.S. time)

>< Not spending a single dime of my own the whole time was very curtious to my wallet. Although I lost some more weight and went to 147 lbs after this venture.
>< Coffee machines with espresso options on the bus was a dream come true. Then the fupa took it away when his shift was up.

>< Oh yeah, the term fupa!

>< Aimless walks in city to city every night with 3 amazing people made me feel more at home then the " let the stress begin" doormat in my kitchen.


Anyways, that was most of it. You will get more context of my stories if you talk to me in person. It seriously was a good time, and wish it was still happening. Anyways, hope you all have a relaxing Holiday.