Monday, July 19, 2010

So a New Yorker walks into TX, CT, and MA...

Well hello everyone! It's been quite a summer thus far for my drumkit and myself. I haven't updated this since April so I will update you on alot since some of you may not know what time it is. Ambitions played 3 onpoint shows in June. We played a very welcoming set at Long Island Fest in Garden City, NY. Thanks to Jake Zimmerman for taking care of everyone that entire weekend, as well as all the kids that sang along, took pictures, or just had a helpful hand in that fest. Abilene, TX was huge suprise. Very random show of us to play, but Alex Whitten was very generous to take care of every member of the band and did one hell of a show. And lastly, there was Connecticut! Always a pleasure to see the faces of those lovely people whom I wish could be within a subway stop or 2 in NY. So thanks to anyone that made the shows a time we'll remember. We are gonna do one more show in MA with The Carrier in September. Hopefully the "Surface To Air" 7" will be out by then.

Next on deck! I just wrapped up tracking drums for the "Walk Into The Fire" EP That will be released on Bridge Nine Records this fall. This is my first studio recording with Energy and I cannot wait for everyone to hear this record when it's complete. This is also Energy's first studio effort with the song writing addition of Mike Rendini, as well as his keyboard and backup vocal talents. These songs are definately in the direction we've been talking about and I have a strong feeling this is going to change the looks of things for the better.

We started a day late due to a computer malfunction but luckily the very helpful people at Apple took care of the problem asap and we were back on track within hours of the calamity. I started tracking drums on Sunday July 11th and wrapped up on Tuesday the 13th. In that time I tracked some very awesome material, made some healthy tofu dishes, had some stress, some rejoice, and had wacky dreams about taking breakdance classes with Tegan Quin, as well as these reoccuring dreams about this really cool girl that buys me Vespa's whom I recently just found out exists in real life (minus the vespa giving). But in the end I totally generated some neat patterns that you will enjoy and hopefully want to airdrum or learn on your own kit. I want to send my sincere thanks to the amazing Robert Cheeseman and wonderful Greg Thompson for putting their schedules on hold, and their superb hard work and patience into the recording. Plus much praise to every single member of Energy! Thank you for everything so far since I've joined almost 2 years ago.

So where does this leave the rest of the summer? Well, I'am going to continue working hard on my percussion abilities (as if that ever stops). I will be focusing on tightning up the new songs for our fall touring schedule, but in between that I'm gonna be having some fun with the kit as well. I will be working on drum covers of my most influential artists such as Silent Majority, Tegan And Sara, Beastie Boys, Quicksand, and many many others. I will be video taping myself playing the songs with my own flavor as an homage to the greats that have made me what I'am today. Not only will this be fun, but it will also stir up even more ideas for future Energy work and can even serve as a guideline to teach anyone how to play the songs. So stay tuned for the first postings. Aside from that, I'm going to be enjoying myself off the kit as well. I'm gonna be writing some journal entries that you may or may not be reading, I'm gonna attend some Tegan And Sara shows, Rock The Bells fest to see A Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang, And KRS play my fav lp's start to finish, and I really want to clarify some meanings behind these bizarre dreams I've been having lately. Yeesh, it's confusing. But anyways, enjoy the rest of the summer everyone! Please get crazy but always get home safe!

- xCFKx