Saturday, November 15, 2008

I said hey! Whats goin on?

It's amazing how many people actually really give a shit about what I'am up to. It is all so flattering, yet leaves me scratching my head that you care so much. But hey, thanks, it means alot! So I've been way too busy the past month to really deliver anything deep, incohearantly humorous, or just any of my abnormal life expiereinces in this blog. And since I owe you eager readers some signs of life, I will just give you a listed update.

- I'am about to embark on a European tour with Bridge 9 ragers ENERGY. It's from November 27th - December 15th in Support of Slapshot. I look foward to finally hanging out with these individuals and crossing over the pond again. Buy their new LP entitled "Invasions Of The Mind", it is amazing!

- My hair is long. Longer than it has ever been. This in no way jeopardizes my edge (comon, we've been through this)! It is in response to cold weather and the fact that I might as well flaunt my strong scalp while its at its peak. And ok, maybe I've been favoring alot more post core and indie rock.

-On December 7th, it will be my 10th year that I have been meat, poultry, and fillet free. Ok, maybe I'am a nerd about my animal rights, but I'am fucking proud of my morality! I will rage hard in Europe in celebration of still screaming " No More!" Not to mention, January 10th will be 6th year celebrating my Veganism! Like my favortie shirt of all time says, "Love Animals, Do Not Eat Them!"

- I'am currently asexual! Until the right classy female can come along, I unfortunatly have no choice. I cannot afford to be distracted by anymore fairweather prospects at a time where every movement I make can spring me ahead for the better. If you can seriously "wow" me or accept me for who I'am and not what bands I play in, then we'll talk. Sorry, it just is what it is. Maybe we can change this if I do to get to Brazil in the spring.

- When I' am not on tour, I still continue to occassionally work at the North Shore Vet Practice in Ft. Solonga as a Client Personality Assistant (i'am as shocked as you are). This means I communicate (in people words) with the clients and run them through the procedures we offer at the facility for their pets. I also dabble in assisting as an instrument caddy in emergency surgeries, and it's not as easy as you think. When a cat is about to have a heart attack, you better hand Dr. Begeht the proper instrument! But, I also manage brief paperwork, coffee drinking to Jawbreaker, and talks about Run Dmc, Rihanna, and Russell Simmons with my superior Monique. It is a diverse family there I must say. This month I have also represented the practice attending an exclusive Barack O'Bama party at the downtown Brooklyn Marriot, and a fresh New York Knicks game.

- New York City is a refreshing place to clear my head these days. I know that sounds crazy with the state the economy is in, but fall season really makes me feel comfortable the most in these limits. Every morning is just a big relief to my start of the day. When I'am home, it's simple. I take in the L, grab a coffee, listen to the music of my mood, come up with some intresting percussion patterns, think about my next move, and then I head into drum shop to get those ideas to life until I'am just knackered. I dunno wheter it's the fast pace environment that keeps me motivated, or just the fact it's such an enormous atmosphere in where it's a challenge to find me. But anyways, fall season in New York, worth taking the tour downtime!

- Spend time with your family. Jav knows we are not getting younger, and either are they. But seriously, chill with them occassionally. They need us when they are heading into their crazy years. I had not seen my mom for a long time for 5 months until I got back, and I make sure to take a helathy portion in my week to hang out with her. I can't tell if she is honestly syked of where I'am at right now, but I'm thrilled I have done her right in the most important areas!

- Rival Schools is back! I know they were not entertaining in their previous life, but if you caught the Mercury Lounge show, then you know whats up! Looking foward to the new record.

- Justin Martiene is now known as "Justissey"! He will sing you a sample of "big mouth strikes again when he waits your table at Angelikas while seated next to John Jospeh.

So thats it for now. This is whats happening, wheter you love it or leave it. I really will not be updating this until I get back from Europe. So in the meantime, "Live fast ,but don't die young, slow down but never , ever, stop! " - (if you know, you know!)

Stay involved and stay fresh!

C Free K