Thursday, February 26, 2009

True Rulers...

So I have been pretty vacant with my transactions on this blog lately. One half has to do with me being completely immobile and sick the past 3 and a half days. The 2nd half is because I have just been having to much goddamn fun the past 2 weeks! Energy completed a brief tour with Debaser and Beartrap along the east coast recently. Very short, but the sweetness of the trip was savored to the extent of a cavity creep swan diving into a vegan boston at Red Bamboo! The shows were put together very last minute, but definatly did the trick! South Carolina was by far one of my favorite shows to date throughout my entire career.

My words do not come off numb in that statement. I can certainly put the North Charleston skatepark show up there with Ambitions ESOJ 07, HVSB at the Inside Reunion '04, playing for Verse in Beilfeld Germany, and Thieves And Assassins at Jaredfest! Just something about coming into a city not knowing what to expect, and then literally getting collided in amazement just really makes a mark in your heart! For once, I was not concerned if kids were tripping my gear out of balance. If anything I conquered the challenge and still played perfectly fresh, so take that! But anyways, instead of freting over any accidents, I was intaking the passion that was being shared for that 25 minutes. I mean I literally felt like everyone in that whole room was on the same page as myself and my 4 friends! We were all there for the same reasons. To have fun, feel something that is more than just a melodic rukus, and just be part of something beneficial to soothe the soul! And to see that everyone left that moment with a memory on their face and unharmed is the most rewarding part! So thank you South Carolina.

The past 2 weeks also developed the debut of "The Unit!" The Unit is also known as the band we all refer to as Energy! Johnson City TN will always be remembered as the night Energy came into it's own. For some reason on this night, it became clear that this is the moment we have all been waiting for! I have played with many of the best musicians in my life, but you know when you finally find the right chemistry of people that are going to make it happen. That day finally arrived for me on Thursday February 19th. As Kill Your Idols would say "Your living those good old days right now!" That is how I feel everyday since I officially became a member of Energy. When I get in the van for a long drive, I do not have to worry about forcing any conversations or fear that any tension will develop! I can naturally get along and easily read my friends, and consider myself so lucky to be able to click so well with them on a frienship level.

On stage, it's as easy as riding a bike, yet exciting and daring as being a ninja invading a diamond vault! It's not the samething everynight for me at every show, and thats the beauty part. Granted we have a certain flow to the sets, but anything can happen. I'am confidient enough with the rest of my friends that I may pull off a different fill in "400" if I want to. We may bust out a new Black Flag cover that we have never played before if we want to give The Misfits a night off. I don't have to worry about playing too fast or too slow because we all have feel, and that is the key trait to any band! If you do not have feel, then you are going to fade grey with the other fairweather flavors of the week. Fun is another thing that is important to me on stage. I enjoy playing our songs no matter how many times it happens. I could do our set 3 times in one day even at a coffee lounge and I would be happy. In fact, I would be in heaven if that happend, but ya get my deal!

For a second, I just reread my last few paragraphs. I tend to make alot of type-o's so I'am trying to make that happen less, but I just noticed something. I refered to my bandmates as "friends!" WOW, that is amazing, and it really touched me. I mean that is how it should be, but just taking the time to really notice that I made that reference with out thinking twice just shows how deep it is! This is what I mean with "unit" aspect. I really do not think anyone can truly say they are in a band if they do not have that notion in their blood. Thats just me, but I personally feel I have a legit head on my shoulder, so maybe you should take a few notes here and there. Although, I suggest maybe describing them in a better terminalogy that normal people can understand easily. So yeah, this is what is going on right now. I'm making music, moves, memories, and minds with my friends, and hope that everyone else around me that I care about will benefit as well with what is to come in the future. So stay involved with my activities, it is only going to get better from here!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I wait on the same lines as you...

Today started as an average day for me. It's the style of process that occurs whenever I'am secluded to downtime life from the tour schedules. I usually wake up from whatever sleep I do aquire, fix myself up, head out the door, and then get to buisness with my drum and percussionary responsabilites. I had to make a brief stop into the natural grocery store tonight in order to obtain some nutrition for my week. I had to make it a minimal visit since I was on such a serious schedule. At the check out line, it was obvious on the landscape that my checkout girl had an Operation Ivy shirt on. Now keep in mind, this was a refreshing vision to behold since I feel that OpIvy shirts are unfortunatly extinct in human nature now! I was about to make a compliment on her attire, but she snaked my turn by asking me what I was going to stir up on the skillet this evening!? I was kind of taken back since I feel like when you live in NY, everyone minds there buisness and keeps to their own.

So since I'am a fanatic of conversation, and fellow cruelty free commune, I explained that I was inspired to make a raw vegan flatbread pizza tonight, and just kick it after I work on a ton of musical commitments. For some reason she picked up that I was into punk rock although I was not wearing a band shirt or did not have my swatch exposed. Her name was Sandra. She was intrested in what bands I had played for and so on. I have been through this a million times before, so its kind of just like spelling out my name. I began explaining who I have had the pleasure of accomplishing works with when all of a sudden, Sandra darted from her conveyer belt, and gave me a very serious hug and started to basically blabber a mile a minute out some very generous compliments. In case you are the type that can only figure out the superbowl happend last night, it turns out that she is a fan of a few bands I had invovement with.

Ok, this does not happen all the time, but shockingly, this will take place every so often in my life, and no matter how many times it happens, I still do not know how to take it. So I first responded with a comment stating that her embrace was so intense that I may not be able to play tonight. She laughed, and that was a suprise since I succeeded even with a mildly weak joke. But hey, I'll take it. She then apologized for being overstimulated, but followed the gesture by saying some really cool things. Apparently she only got to see Ambitions once and it made a very strong impact on her. Sandra is a drummer, and feels very insecure since it is a very male dominated instrument. She is very intimidated with taking it to the next level since she is afraid of being overlooked or snubbed just by gender issues. Sandra explained how she read an online fanzine interview I did and just spilt out how appreciative she was when I made a statement on human equality and how it cannot afford to be dismissed, especially in an underground subculture that calls for equality.

It took me awhile to remember from what segment this occured in but then I quickly recalled how I said that everyone has a right to do what they want and by no means has the right to be held back or told not to. I made a comment on how a guy should not find it "cute" when a female picks up a bass or a microphone. It should be looked at as inspiring, moving, and beautiful that anyone has the drive to play music. So she then explained how I was a big deal to her own move making since I had the motive to stand up and say that without caring what anyone would say, but that i also have extreme talent to back it up these javmatic words. She said that its hard to find invididuals to look up to since most of them can have the talent, but will treat other humans like garbage, or inferiors. I was so touched to be tagged with the label of "talent", and just being told that I'am "looked up to."

I was really fufilled to have been told all of this in just an action of reimbursing my vegan food pantry. It's very hard for me to accept a compliment, but I will never write it off. I thanked Sandra for recognizing my words outside of the grooves and forbidden beats. Like I was just floored that there are still people that look for the entire picture in a musical artist now. I think thats what the world lacks today. Talented people that have more to offer society than just jams! I mean that is what I'am aspiring to do. As a musician, no matter how you look at it, you will have people that will reflect off of your lifestyle and what you will say, do, or perform.

So this is why I vie to always set one hell of an example for people since I want individuals to expand, change in a healthy manner, and treat others with respect, learning, sharing, and peace! I explained how the Operation Ivy " Energy" record was a huge inspiration to me during my most impressionable years and how it kept me out of the common social cesspool many seem to jump into out of fear of being condemed for having an independent thought. Sandra then asked me if I had current inspirations since that record is 20 years old almost( wow!, I was 5 when it came out, and Sandra was most likely not even born!) So from there I took a moment to explain my current mentors.

I felt it was fair to exchange an explanation on my inspiration with Tegan And Sara. I discussed how so many people just laugh at me for being so into them. They automatically shun them because of their orientation, cause they are canadian, or they are women. But the fact of the matter is , they have the right idea over any crucial clan many hardcore nerds worship. They have immense and distinct talent and just progress with it as the days go on. They are some of the modest people you will ever meet. I cherish the day I was able to meet Sara quin and talk to her about Fugazi and the game "simon". Not to mention giving Tegan a Thieves And Assassins demo when she asked if my band was punk rock in the vein of Face To Face. But anyways, more qualities about them. Tegan And Sara take time to make their fans feel apreciated and loved. They don't take themselves seriously all the time and always have fun on stage. They donate portions of their earnings to various charities that help the environment, troubled youth, or calling out fucked up politics. But one mark they left on me that is so mutual, and i cannot stress it enough, is when they said "we always look foward to the moment where we can change someones life!" And on top of the catchy melodies and hooky songs, that is what does it for me with the Quin sisters.

So back to the grocery store, Sandra was very excited to hear that individuals that are way different from me can be so inspiring and at the same time share the same ambitions as myself! She was not too familar with Tegan And Sara but showed many signs of intrest, so I told her what records to check out by them, and a bunch of links in route to some very moving interviews and youtubes of them. So I guess my point in this expierience is that no matter how crazy you might find it when someone looks up to you, it really means alot on both sides and in the end, it just makes a difference to both parties. I never expected a grocery transaction that would last 1 minute in real life to end up 14 minutes.

It seriously made my night for sure. It's times like these where I want to kick myself in the ass for thinking I do not make a difference in anyones life. I told a friend about this shortly after over aim, and he asked if I got her number? Before I slammed him shut in an intellegent way, I told him this story, and concluded that I would be no better than any of the people I detest had I looked at the situation in a dogs eye view. Remember, I stand with Minor Threat , not Motley Crue!