Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mark My Words I Might Be Something Someday...

So here we are in 2010. This year I will be 26 years old going on 18! Instead of starting a family and settling down I will be making more incredible music, and cementing a very noticeable mark in the enviorment!

Energy has been hard at work for new material to be released this year. We have added a new member to the band that adds a whole different element to our sound. His name is Mike Rendini, and he will be playing keyboards, fufilling backup vocals, and adding alot of song writing to the band. I could not be more enthused about the upgrade! We have also added our friend Josh Lovell as manager to assist in our decision making and for a push towards further lengths so we can reach more people with our music. It will be very exciting to see how the final product of our new record will come out and what new tours we will be assigned to this year

In other music related news, I recently entered the studio with my good friends in Ambitions. We decided to record 3 more songs for a 7inch, along with a Chain Of Strength and Kill Your Idols cover for seperate tribute comps. I was very happy to enter the studio with my friends a few weeks ago and think that our supporters will be pleased with the outcome of the fun that we are documenting from the soundboard. We will be playing only just a few shows strictly for fun in the early summer.

As for me personally I have been back in NY when I'am not rehearsing with the bands. In order to create some very incredible songs for you all to hear Energy needed to take time off from touring in order to put these songs together. I lead a very simple routine when I'm home. I practice my instrument every single day to be the best drummer I can be. I start my morning with espresso and end my evening with espresso.I do my best to read at least one book a week and write a summary of my thoughts on the subject and what I learned from it.I make various lists on what I want to improve within myself and just hundreds of other topics you may or may not understand. I occassionally pick up shifts at the north shore vet practice, but lately my role at the clinic just makes me feel like I'am a male version of Jenna Fischer. When I get a breather I see my best friends and feel very relaxed to know that they have not forgotten me since I'm out on the road constantly all year.

That about covers my moves for now. I will do my best to update this much more this year. I will try to cover more than just my music , coffee, and Tegan And Sara. I hope everyone is having a wonderful year so far and that I do hope we will cross happy paths when I’am back on the road soon. Please take care and please look out for everyone that you care about!