Sunday, March 8, 2009

sunday, sunday, sunnndaayyyyyyy...

Please note, I'am biting off Jason Tankerley in this post with the picture post, but hey thats a good thing because he is a bad ass! Ok, so I need to be awake in 2 hours but I'am going to blog away til my destined awakening arrives. It's kind of a relief, because I miss doing this often, but have been too wound up with alot to recognize this routine recently. But, I' am very oblivious to slumber right now since I'am just feeling...well, lucky! I find myself very lucky to have such an elite unit of nuclear friends that can never let me down, and that will always bring me back up at any given moment. I posted a twitter on how Sunday is very well my Friday since it is officially the end of the week for me, and it can open me up to relax from a very intense 7 day forecast in my creativity, mechanics, and emotions. I get very worked up and zapped into tunnel vision when it comes to making music, and as I mentioned in many previous posts, I get so caught in the web of artistical talent, that I tend to throw fun, dating, and sanity into the maybe pile! It's ok, since it is proof that I'am passionate, but at the sametime, I could use all 3 luxuries more often at times. So Sunday at least takes care of my "fun" issue for the time being.

Usually I get very tiresome when I frequent establishments over and over, but Curley's Vegan/ Veg establishment is a huge acception. It is basically more comfortable than eating dinner at home since usually there is constant k-9 beckonings, and an oggerish sibling knawing at me in jealousy of my life and appearance as I try to watch Hell's Kitchen in peace and jav! But, anyways, there is never a rush when kicking back at the joint, there is an option of breakfast all day, and my friends and I are accompanied by 2 very socially theraputic ladies in Merriam and Ann. It's actually quite a relief to know that there are individuals that can do there job but also maintain a classy human aspect while on the clock. There is always a legit playlist of either oldies, indie rock, or sassy dance cuts. We can stir a very well rounded movie debate anytime. And each one of us has something completly different to share with one another. Tonight Ann and Merriam pointed out that Sean, Justin, and I are very different from one another, yet we get along so well.

I find that amazing, and yet it is true that we do have many similarities, we also have many opposities. We have the talkative film critic, the pensive music artist, and the witty jock! Jeez, I smell a sitcom with alot of laughs, heart, and very comical catch phrases! Just like I feel with Energy, I feel with my best friends as a unit! But seriously, it's so cool that you can just go into a dining establishment and hang out with 2 personal waitresses and just feel like your in your very own living room. And I love communicating with people that add a different palate to the scenary, and it is even more fresh when you are indulging in an onpoint cup of coffee and a rukus delite of the best vegan food near Union Square. So needless to say, simple routines like this are not taken lightly on my part since they make an evening have substance. Especially on a sunday.

I always enjoy venturing to Roosevelt Island after the dining for a brief moment with a swagger of character in its community. It intrigues the hell out of me. The parking is aweful, but it is mad peaceful. I would totally raise a family there if I could be capable of that someday,( we will save the details of that dilemma for another blog). Anyways, it is a cool pad, in a bizarre way. Gorgeous view of the waterfront near Manhattan that I could easily sit and think nearby for hours. Not to mention Justins apartment is like a second home. The futon is more fluffy than mine, his fridge is generally jacked with vegan treats, the shower hisses like a snake in a humorous manner that hurts my ribs,he has the ultimate library of stupid movies that inspire the same, and there is always the option of reminding how silly I can act in front of a macbook at the strike of a fun bone in my body. Then we have Justins roomate Alison. A beyond pleasant girl all around that I dig having an enjoyable talk with. Very classy with a fresh yet modest style, appreciator of impeccable music, witty, uber talented in multiple categories, and wears some legit hometown roots on the sleeve. Big ups to Alison for giving me some more inkling of hope in humanity! I hope life keeps offering more gems in the human department.

So that about sums up my fun factors when I'am not on tour. I mean there are a few other activites I embark on when I'am off duty from the punkrockacademyfightsongs, but it is just a simple ritual such as the sunday night getaway that I appreciate the most. I hope to update this more often on the upcoming tour that I leave for next week since many find this to be something else in whatever character trait they view it in. I'am thrilled that I blogged about this because well, sometimes I feel that I may come off as a dry and selfish empty hearter with the eye only onthe punk rock prize when I drag on and on about music, tour, and percussion all the time in my blog. But the proof is in the percussionist that I'am a healthy hearter, but one that just needs to mellow out and breathe more often! Love life.