Wednesday, July 23, 2008

hold on tight...

I have not made an entry for quite so long, so I felt like I should spit at least an inkling of what's up on a very rainy and immobile day. Once again, it is very brief, and can come off stagnant, but unfortunatly that is just where i'am lately. Do not take it as a negative strike, but more as a wake up call. It's like I say, "It is what it is!"

The current flavor to my ears:

(I always keep my mood bombed with music anytime of the day and night. My palate has not been only limited to these joints, but I have felt that these certain classics have kept me in check for the most part just because they either really lift me, get my brain javinated artistically, or just have very relatable topic structures.)

Tegan And Sara-Entire Catalog
Santogold- S/T
Blacklisted- Heavier Then Heaven, Lonlier Than God
Built To Spill- Perfect From Now on

a day in the life:

(not everyday has had the same routine in the past few months, but I'am only pointing out the things that either keep hope left in my spirit's, keep me relaxed, or just set as a reminder to find my way back home to a point in my life that I miss dearly , or where i felt that i was tagged with feelings of productivity and heart)

-my first cup of coffee of the day
-another executed chapter in "Do You" by Russel Simmons
-many deadly rhtym's charted to a clean slate from my personal outlet
-the hope for hints to really continue the development of my "vision"
-keeping my fingers crossed for a good nights sleep where I don't stare at the cieling til daybreak
-countless hours of just really thinking about if i'am making a difference or not with my actions, words, and mechanical activities.
-giving a constant damn that I know things are just not right, and that I have to chase everything with an axe in order to get a smile back on my face...

That is all right now. I have some grid's left to take care of, but I will see most of you shortly. Stay fresh...

- K