Tuesday, April 8, 2008

slow down...but never, ever , stop!

Yes, it is indeed my 2nd PIB referenced title for an entry, but what is so bad about that? You tell me if you have a P.H.D in knowing it all. OOOOk, anyways, as you can see, I deleted my last entry. And why is that so in effect? Well, here is what's up. I think I definatly caught myself in a a skillet of being "selfish", and "out of character". That, and I had'nt seen a measuring cup size of sleep (a good amount) for the past 2 days. I think half of me was just in denial of being nervous for having so much on my plate for the entire summer that I decided to explode it all out into one pile of very useless information. And for that, I apologize with better intentions than a band member stealing the last soymilk from the pantry on tour. I called out sick today, and although my thermometer was feeling fresh, it was just other units I needed to nourish. I did not spend the day running around all too much. I definatly awarded myself with a nice nap, a soothing amount of coffee, and a few rotations of the Tegan And Sara DVD (hey, don't judge, whatever works ya know?)! And fortunatly, I think some results stepped on the doormat of my sanity.

I then proceeded to make a list of all the luxuries I have in my life that are making some beautiful noise. Well, ok, maybe "list" is an understatement, how about a short story! I was extremly taken back by how the final draft of my exercise resulted. Needless to say, it is proven to be a major "A.O.Q" (short for Age Of Quarrel, which is used to describe something perfect, and impeccable)! I will start with the foundation of my life, which would be the unbelievable amount of unique friends that have my back. And I think it strikes me a bit more harder than you think, because I'am not just talking about the staples that I have within a comfortable radius, but how the range of crucial kids all over the map that go beyond the call of duty to keep me in check!?! I mean, I definatly started to smack my head in shame when I realized that, while yesterday I was stating how my trust in others was in a mode of perishing. How can that be when everybody involved in my life has been nothing but positive, encouraging, and just hysterical? Wow, I was definatly put in my place, but you know what, it had to be done.

This topic then snaked into many categories that were reflected in my exercise, which is why my list turned into a masterpiece, so I'll keep it at a "thrash beat" (keep it short). I think at age 24, I definatly have expierienced alot more than I should have. I have seen the United States many times, I finally had my heart warm up to life over the pond, I have assisted to many helpless animals that need affection and care, I have developed such an incredible quality in the art that I bring to life in music, I think I'am incredibly helpful when others are in need of assistance mentally, and I think i pretty much hold it down in the department of being very down to earth, honest, caring, and well......fresh!

So I guess what I'am trying to get at is that I think I need to take more time to really just inhale what I have for the moment, and not get so wild up in whats ahead! That, and to just take some time to just relax. I think all the years of fast paced Insted records rubbed off in my metranome of thought. In other words, I can easily think too fast sometimes, and the result will end up causing me to rush my life, and leave me being stressed to the tee (which is not very proud youth might I add)! But hey, I know we all bite our tounges when we spit this out, but, "we are all human", to some extent at least. So if anything, I'am proud that I decided to take the downtime to just chase my troubles with an axe, instead of just letting them "wear fresher threads than my comforts" ( don't let the cons wear 555, and the pros left wearing old navy). So thats truly what is up! I have no reason to complain when all is said and done, and "my bad", if I had you start to worry, or if I had you thinking that I was set for a one way trip to some sessions on the crazy couch! So for now, Sieze life motherfuckers! Thanks to all of you!

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