Friday, April 23, 2010

Life Being What It Is...

It has been quite an intresting month. When the needle hit the wax on the A side of this month Ambitions returned to Silver Bullet Studio's in Burlington CT for another shot at tracking the "Surface To Air" 7inch. We had layed down the songs at Getaway Group in MA around February, but it just was not the right atmosphere, day, or feel for us. We do however appreciate Dan Rose for all his help in that session regardless of the takes being scrapped. Ambitions return to Silver Bullet marks the 3rd time we have worked with our long time friend and engineer Greg Thomas. I will be the first to say that walking back into this particular studio after 3 long years was refreshing.

Greg and I see very eye to eye with alot of music, and with what should be played on a record from the drummers perspective. He tells me if I'am overplaying a part, if I need to hit harder, play faster, play slower, repeat a certain groove, or just do the entire take again. He certainly brings out the best in me as a musician. We finished tracking for the ep on the Monday evening after the birth of the easter bunny. I'am very confident to say that this is one of the best drumming pieces I have ever recorded in the studio. I really took a Silent Majority, Snapcase, Quicksand, Deftones, and Jason McGerr influence to my drum parts on this recoring. And as always, Tegan And Sara were an enormous influence on my spirit, motivation, and creative output in the session.

As for what is spinning on the end of the B side of April, it basically just involves more music in my life. Energy is almost set to record the "Walk Into The Fire" ep that will be released on Bridge Nine Records later this year. I'am very excited to finally have my first studio recording with the band. We will be recording most of it at the Outpost in MA and the rest in Mike's basement since he is just onpoint with handling the vocal sessions. These songs are coming out absolutley phenominal and I'am sincerely proud that they will soon be available for lisening and collecting to all our rad fans, as well as some new fans that we will definately be making. I'am currently in the midst of finalizing my parts for a track called "Secrets", and it has a really pleasant suprise in the song that was put in very tastfully and done with precision! My jaw dropped in excitement as soon as I heard the demo for the first time.

In between all my own musical endeavor's I had a very inspirational night at Bowery Ballroom last week. 2 of my favorite current artists in music kick started a tour in the lower east side of Manhattan. It began with Brisbane, Australia's duo AN HORSE! They consist of 2 very sweet and talented people named Kate Cooper and Damon Cox. They have the fullest sound I have ever heard from just a drummer/vocalist with a very minimal kit setup, and a vocalist/guitarist whose accent actually puts more spice into the songs. They have already written some timeless sounds that will age incredible and it's only their first lp. They played all of the main tracks off their debut lp "Reearrange Beds" and shared some very funny stories of using their aussie lingo in America. This was my 3rd time seeing them, and was certainly my favorite! After the show they were just chilling downstairs by the merch table and just feeling stoked to be doing what they do best every night. I can relate to them very much on that level.

Next up was Kaki King. She originally is from Atlanta, Georgia but has resided in Brooklyn for the past few years. She was absolutly hitting nothing but net the entire night. Kaki is an unbelievable guitar player and can straight up hang with any of the main cats in the game, male or female. I'am really fascniated with her unique style of tuning her guitars, dark and honest lyrics, lap steel abilities, plus her very solid hammering and tapping solo's. Her band was solid too. Kaki's drummer Jordan Perlson was just playing some deadly rhythm's the whole set and did not miss a beat. He definatly warmed his way as a new influence into my drumming palate. Kaki has a very spicey attitude on stage which I admire. If anyone in the crowd gave her shit, she would dish it right back verbally and just put the guilty party right in their place. She also has a sarcastic sense of humor that was appropriate in between the songs.

Kaki and her band concluded the set by playing an intresting delay pedal driven instrumental and they all went into the crowd and just had fun with their fans with random dancing! It's refreshing to still see very talented musicians outside the scene I grew up in can be at one with their audience and so down to earth. It's artists like Kaki King and An Horse that make happy that I never take my supporters for granted, always pay mind to them at all moments, and just give them my 110% ability on stage every night. There is still hope for music in the modern day, people just need to find it in themselves or beneath the heap of mediocre nonsense that is encouraged to be put on your ipod, record player, or cassette rig. Instead of accepting what "the experts" are shoving down your throat, use your individual taste and like what you like. Talk to you all in May!

-cfk md

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